About the Audio Lessons

Blue Parrot's audio lessons teach Jamaican as a true language, explaining grammar and syntax along with vocabulary and pronunciation and giving you plenty of practice with all of these. The goal is to be able to form your own sentences, to actually speak the language rather than simply memorize things.

There are a few groups of people we had in mind when designing this course: (1) those who have Jamaican family or partners; (2) those who work with Jamaicans or live in Jamaican immigrant neighborhoods; (3) foreigners living in Jamaica; (4) music artists; (5) those who have a serious and sincere interest in Jamaican culture. 

We employ the method of Anticipation/Repetition/Reinforcement. This means that you anticipate or guess how to say new things based on structures you've been learning and building on. You should always try to guess, whether out loud or quietly in your head. After you've guessed, a voice reveals the correct answer, which you repeat for reinforcement and pronunciation practice. Always repeat the answer after hearing it. Try to form an image in your head that goes with the words as you say them, or even look at something around you that reinforces their meaning. Don't be discouraged if the lessons are difficult at first; You are expected to have to do them a number of times before get them down, but that's the way to learn!

Unit 1 of the JLAC teaches all the patterns of Jamaican pronunciation and gives you practice with each pattern, during which you are introduced to vocabulary and grammatical structures in context.

Unit 2 is currently under production and focuses on variations of 'to be' that are used for describing things and people, how to react to various kinds of news and information, and how to talk about oneself and one's own background. It will be available soon, and you can opt to be notified by email when it is, by checking the box for that in the checkout page after ordering a download.