About the Jamaicasaurus

The Jamaicasaurus is the only translation dictionary to go from English to Jamaican Patois and the only Jamaican thesaurus in existence. It is therefore an essential resource for anyone interested in the Jamaican language. This book marks a new milestone for Jamaican as a language of increasing global interest while also serving native speakers searching for alternate words and expressions, recent slang, and older terms.  

With 3,278 entries and over 13,500 translations and synonyms, the Jamaicasaurus functions as a thesaurus by giving as many Jamaican synonyms as possible for each English word or term. One needs only to look up a Jamaican word's equivalent in English to see all the Jamaican synonyms for that word. The appendix at the back of the book additionally features extensive lists of Jamaican expletives and exclamations, odd curiosities, and the local Jamaican names for 278 species of plants and trees used in Jamaica for food, medicine, etc (listed by scientific name first). 

Sold here as a downloadable e-book that can be read on most computers and mobile devices, this edition of the Jamaicasaurus (The Complete Edition) displays Jamaican words in two different spelling formats side by side. Black text is used for English-based spellings, and green text is used for a version of the Cassidy-JLU or 'Jamiekan' spelling system increasingly favored by linguists and educators in Jamaica. Purple text is used for example sentences, and these are also written in the modified Cassidy-JLU format.